Paying for Hospice

Who pays for Hospice?

At Hospice of Douglas County we work with you and your physician to determine eligibility for hospice. Hospice is 100 percent covered for eligible patients under Medicare, Medicaid plans and many private insurance plans. Hospice is also a benefit for Veterans who receive VA services. We will assist you in checking your benefit coverage and make sure you understand any potential out-of-pocket costs. Hospice of Douglas County provides care to those who qualify for hospice services regardless of the ability to pay or insurance coverage.

Coverage for hospice includes all of the services from the team plus medication, equipment and supplies that are related to the terminal illness and focused on improving comfort. Payment for nursing home care or any care in a facility is not covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

At Hospice of Douglas County, we are committed to providing care to anyone who meets the medical guidelines even if they have no form of payment.

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