Music & Massage Therapy

Music Therapy

Soothing music played at the bedside of a patient can be used to reduce restlessness, help to regulate breathing patterns, and improve the overall environment of the patient and family.

The music therapist plays music of the patient’s choosing at their bedside to improve their quality of life, or to trigger memories of the past. Music can relieve pain, increase socialization, bring a smile, decrease agitation, and increase relaxation.

Our music therapist is a member of the hospice team and educated and trained as a music therapist.

Male massage therapist massaging elderly woman

Massage Therapy

Massage helps patients reduce their pain, anxiety and increase their level of comfort. It also helps decrease the feeling of shortness of breath and restores emotional balance while increasing circulation. Massage offers a much welcomed physical and psychological reprieve.

Your comfort is important and the amount of pressure used in the massage will be adjusted according to your needs. You are never obligated to get a massage, it is there if it serves you.

Our massage therapist is a member of the hospice team and is highly trained in many aspects of touch therapy.

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